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                  WHAT TO EXPECT   

At SHADY LADY your tattoo application shall be undertaken in a clean environment. We also follow strict clinical procedure to ensure that all our equipment is sterile. The needles we use are single use needles and all swabs, gloves etc are disposable. Everything will remain unopened and packed away until required.
Everyone is individual as to how they perceive pain, whether or not they are going to bleed or swell and how fast they will heal. Likewise, everyone has slightly differing skin texture, color and contours; therefore, each tattoo will be different. The correct design and coloring must be selected carefully. We have talented artists on staff to customize a design for you as well as a wide range of images to inspire your selection.

Your ideas for design will be discussed and you will be advised on the placement of it. This would be a good time to discuss your in- volvement with sports or work, as these may have an influence on the placement of your tattoo.
With all tattoo applications the area of the body to be tattooed is required to be clean. (Do not come straight from work if you work in a dirty or dusty environment. Preferably have the tattoo application performed after a shower.

Clients are required to complete a consent form prior to the tattoo procedure. Additionally, clients are given verbal and written after- care instructions and invited to return at any time for more advice. It cannot be emphasized enough that the correct aftercare is critical to the proper healing of your tattoo.

• It is recommended that you avoid alcohol up to 24hours prior to your tattoo appointment. 

• Shave and exfoliate your tattoo site.
• Eat within 2 hours prior to your tattoo appointment.
• Cash Only

• Valid I.D. Required
• Shady Lady offers tattoos to minors under the age of 18 with parental consent.

◦ A parent or guardian must sign papers and provide identification and/or proof of guardianship. 

◦ Prior consultation is recommended.
• Shady Lady reserves the right to refuse service to anyone seemingly under the influence of
• drugs, alcohol, or bad attitude.

*First the tattoo artist will wash his or her hands with a germicidal soap.

*The tattoo artist will put on clean, fresh gloves.
*The area of your body to be tattooed will be shaved, cleaned and disinfected.
* A temporary stencil of the tattoo design will be applied. At this point you can see if the stencil is applied to your liking. Keep in mind that if the position of the stencil does not look good to you, just ask your artist to re- position it. This is no big deal.
*The tattoo artist will explain the sterilization procedure to you and open up the single-use, sterilized
equipment (such as needles, etc.).
*Colors are now selected and put into individual ink caps that are disposed of when the tattoo is finished. Inks are NEVER be returned to the ink bottle, and if an ink cap runs out of ink, a NEW ink cap will be filled for use.
*Using the tattoo machine (with a sterile, single-use needle attached), the tattoo artist will begin applying an outline of the tattoo. The outline of your tattoo is very important. A bad outline means a bad tattoo, so remember not to move..
*The outline will be cleaned with antiseptic soap and water.
*If your design involves shading or solid color application, a new set of sterile needles will be installed on the tattoo machine. After cleaning the area again, color will be applied.
*When finished, the area which has been tattooed will be cleaned one more time and a bandage will be applied.

*It is essential that you follow all after care instructions meticulously.

*Shady Lady offers ONE free touchup on your tattoo, provided within six months of the initial application. If it is obvious that you did not follow aftercare instructions, this offer is VOID.

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