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Don't settle for a mediocre tattoo that you will regret later when what you really want is a beautiful masterpiece . At Shady Lady we strive to give you budgetary options to help you realize your wildest dreams when it comes to getting the tattoo you REALLY want.

Wether you want to go small and simple, or large and multifaceted, it all starts with a free consultation. If you are looking for a custom piece, the first step is to meet with an artist to discuss your ideas about what exactly you're looking for in a custom designed tattoo. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your desires and inspirations regarding your upcoming tattoo. At the close of this first meeting you will be expected to leave a $100 design deposit and set up your next appointment. The deposit is non-refundable, but can be applied toward the final session of your tattoo.


If you have a hard time envisioning what it will look like, we encourage you to bring art work and photos that you already know you like. They can be a variety of images, such as photos or illustrations of the subject matter you are interested in  ( plants, wildlife, etc.) , photos depicting the style of tattoo you like (linework, watercolor, pointillism)  the color palette you are drawn to (black and grey, full color, monochromatic, other), photos that show examples of placement on the body and composition in relationship to anatomy. The possibilities do not end here. 

Your artist will take measurements and extensive notes regarding all of the elements to be included in your piece. It is important to remember to give your tattoo space. Dont feel compelled to fit everything that was ever important to you into ONE TATTOO. Over complicating and crowding details into a tattoo without giving it enough space will result in a blurry blobby mess.

So, you're goal is to have a large extensive piece of work without draining your bank account? With proper planning, you can have a large beautiful tattoo incorporating the elements that you love that can be applied over time, therefore allowing you to budget for it incrementally. We work with many of our clients over months and sometimes even years. We  can set you up with regularly scheduled sessions at least three weeks apart (for healing purposes) on a timeline that meets your budget .


For custom and /or coverups and tattoos that require ritual elements I offer a free thirty minute consultation. At that time we can discuss your ideas and intentions, look at  images to inform tattoo style, subject matter, composition, color pallet, sizing , budget, and whatever other special needs may be required for your tattoo session. Some consults can happen over zoom or video chat  , but coverups  and larger pieces are best done in person. At the end of the consult we would book you for your first session. 



Booking a tattoo appointment requires a retainer deposit of $100. (Cash, credit, PayPal or Venmo)  This deposit is refundable upon the completion of your tattoo. 

We ask that you provide 24 hours notice to cancel, unless it’s an emergency of some kind. If you fail to show up for your appointment without notice or cancel without rescheduling the deposit is non refundable. REPEATED LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS MAY RESULT IN PERMANENT CANCELLATION WITH NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.



I have a $100 minimum. 

My tattoo rate is $200 an hour for “chair time” . This is to say that you are only charged for the time that it takes to apply the stencil, tattoo, and bandage. (Technically the time that you’re in my tattoo chair with my hands on you) . All other services (consultation, measurements, design time, image sharing over digital media, and chats )are not billable hours. I also offer one free touchup provided you come in within six months of getting the tattoo



For larger pieces ( tattoos expected to take four hours or more) I usually recommend breaking the tattoo up into two to three hour sessions, with at least three weeks healing time between them. Not only does this help the tattoo to heal more effectively but it helps with budgeting for larger more expensive pieces. 

When you come in for your (first) appointment you can expect about an hour prior to chair time to be spent reviewing the tattoo, sizing it , and stenciling. If the design is drastically different then your expectations we can spend that time working together toward revisions.



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