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  Meredith Muse

           The Original Lady of Shade


      Aside from knowing she was an artist since she could wrap her fingers around a crayon, Meredith has also nurtured a deep love for stories, especially ones rich with symbolism and archetypal characters, stories that nurture the belief that we hold a magical connection with things in the natural and mysterious world. These same symbols that Meredith loves in myth and story emerge time and time again in her artwork...

      "Our souls are filled with ideas in search of expression, stories waiting to be told. One way to choose to bring our inside stories to the outside and to share them with the world is through the art of tattoo. Especially powerful when we bring our sacred intentions to the experience, the tattoo becomes a talisman representing a cherished idea. Celebrating our life journey, and discovering our own personal mythology, we mark our flesh with the images that hold deep meaning for us, that remind us of where we come from and where we are choosing to go now. "

                                                      (M. Muse)

      In addition to helping others manifest their expression of themselves through the ancient craft of tattoo, Meredith continues to coax magick into the open, through mask making, sculpture, exploring color and light with stained glass, gardening, ceremony and ritual arts, and playing dress-up to make merry with her friends as often as possible.

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Meredith's Illustrations

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