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The processes of tattooing and piercing are deeply symbolic. All the elements of ritual are present, from the marking of the body with sacred symbols, the drawing of blood (life-force) and inducing pain which is seen by many as something spiritual. At Shady Lady Tattoo and Piercing Parlour we offer the unique opportunity for you to create your own Rites of Passage ritual in which to experience your tattoo application or piercing.

Whether you are marking a birth or death, a commitment or resolution, coming of age, partnership, loyalty and pride in your family or "tribe", dedication to a deity or totem animal, commitment to spiritual or physical healing, honoring an ancestor, or some other significant milestone in your life, we can help create a ceremonial experience to more deeply align your body and spirit and connect both with your intention.

We begin the process by having you come in for a private consultation with your tattooist or piercer, in which to share ideas of what you wish to invoke (attract or draw to you).Through this process we are able to gain a deeper understanding of what your intent is, and decide how best to create a sacred environment in which to do the work of ritual transformation.

What would a ritual look like? We would begin by creating sacred space in which to work with you... this might mean burning candles, incense, cleansing herbs . We may play some relaxing music of your choice. You may even invite someone to play a drum for you.If you are doing a tattoo to honor someone who has passed away, you might display photos of that person, or bring a playlist of their favorite music. Sometimes we will call in the directions and /or their corresponding elements to create balance and a strong container in which to work the energy of transformation.

You might wish to ask for allies to bear witness  in the process. This can mean friends and family present to hold space and support you, and it could also mean speaking to and asking for help from totem animals, or spirit guides or from spirits of your ancestors, or from God or Goddess however you recognize them.

During the piercing or tattoo application, the tattooist or piercer will be holding your intent in the forefront of their mind during the process, visualizing your desired outcome and directing the energy of your intent into the opening of your body with the tools that they are using to create the modification. This is a craft based on ancient rituals practiced historically all over the world.

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