Hello my dear friends and patrons!

Forgive me for not keeping everyone apprised as to what’s going on here. For awhile, we were closed due to Covid 19. During that time I (Meredith) had some pretty extensive surgery on my arm, thinking it would be healed well enough for me to return to tattooing by now. Though I am not physically able yet to return to tattoo application, I am able to begin doing design work again and continue my apprenticeship program with Nicholas Perry. Nick is merely days away from completing his 1,000 hour apprenticeship! With a light and steady hand, we are confident that he will be able to meet your needs here at Shady Lady as I continue to heal toward being able to serve you as well.

Nick has an exciting portfolio of his own old school style tattoo flash, and is capable of adapting his fine skill to many other styles you may have in mind, including custom designs either by me or by Nick.

Starting the first week of October we will be booking appointments and following all Covid-19 safety precautions.

Ohhhh.... and our number has changed . (802)-505-0695

307 Rt 100B, Moretown, Vt

(802) 505-0695

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