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Due To The Flooding In Montpelier

Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour Is Temporarily Closed

Thanks to everyone for the messages of care and concern.

It's beautiful to see how everyone is pulling together during this particularly difficult time.

Though Meredith is reluctant to ask more of her friends and clients, she finds this is her best hope for reopening. Please, kindly consider making a donation to support her efforts and share this ask with others. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference. 

Click Here For Go Fund Me Fundraiser


On Monday, July 10th 2023, tropical storms and flooding devastated Vermont, leaving historic downtown Montpelier, home of Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour and many other small family and community run businesses, in ruins.


FEMA has been present to provide assistance to individuals displaced by the flood, offering funding for temporary housing and repairing damaged homes. Unfortunately, FEMA relief is not being extended to small businesses who were also impacted. Additionally, the landlord of the building that housed Shady Lady did not have flood insurance. As a result, Meredith Muse, owner/operator of Shady Lady is relying on grassroots fundraising to rebuild her business.


The damage done to The Shady Lady by the flood waters was catastrophic. Nearly 4’ of water filled the parlour, mixed with mud, oil, sewage and other toxic elements that had been washed into the river with the rain. This amount of water and hazardous waste ruined everything it touched. Art books, furniture, art supplies, original art work, tattoo equipment, and more had to be thrown away. Before this sudden and devastating loss, Meredith was starting to recover from the impacts of multifaceted health issues, as well as the setbacks her close contact business suffered during Covid. Despite these many challenges, Meredith and the other artists of Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour remain determined to rebuild. They are looking forward to a future collaborative business venture with their sister shop, Sacred Vessel Tattoo (also displaced due to flooding). The effort to revive their businesses will be a collective one, and they are deeply grateful for the amazing outpouring of help from their community so far.]



The Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour is a queer woman owned business started out of pocket in 2006 by Meredith Muse. Soon after establishing, Meredith began running an apprenticeship training program and quite often has other tattooists working under her tutelage.

Meredith pays homage to the deep rooted sacred aspect of tattooing and provides a unique and healing atmosphere to her clients as a result of this philosophy. Not only a tattoo shop, Meredith’s studio is considered a social hub and gathering place loved by many. In all its forms, The Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour has provided healing, love, joy, and acceptance to its patrons, as an integral part of the Central Vermont community.

Though the Shady Lady shop is currently unable to provide services at 35 Elm St. Montpelier, the Shady Lady team (Meredith, Will, and Mandy) will soon resume practice as soon as possible at an as of yet undiscovered location. we will be joining forces and intention with our sister shop,Sacred Vessel Tattoo,

which was also displaced by the flood. we are confident that together we will build something even better than what was before!

Also, please check out 802 INK

to see their awesome flash art fundraiser with proceeds going to "Help Shady Lady Tattoo Parlour Rise!"fundraiser, and give a shout out to Erica! book an appointment! Shower them with love.

Please text Meredith at 802-505-0695 with questions regarding future bookings, rescheduling, or for info regarding how you can support Shady Lady Tattoos with financial recovery from the tropical storm.

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