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    Nick Perry

    Almost graduated form his apprenticeship!

The Shady Lady is proud to introduce our current apprentice, Nicholas Perry.  


Nick has had a passion for creating art since childhood; tagging things with ink before he could walk.  He used his artistic inclination to help him focus better in school, and would often turn in his reports and tests covered in Nick Perry original art. In addition to illustration art, Nick has had his hands in clay, wood, and metal sculpture. He was inspired to start designing tattoo flash when his family members began collecting tattoos.  His flashart portfolio; a rich tapestry of traditional and neo-traditional, with a slightly macabre and twisted theme, landed his position under the tutelage of original artist and owner of The Shady Lady, Meredith Muse.


When asked “what do you love most about tattooing?” Nick replies…. “I really love the hidden symbolism in tattoo art.  I mean, it looks cool, but there’s also a lot of meaning there…. I’ve always loved the documentaries about other cultures and their historical relationship to tattoos, especially the tattoos that people have to earn to wear. “


As of January 2020, Nick is about halfway through his apprenticeship hours. 

He has been gifted with a light touch and a steady hand, and is currently practicing his fine line work and shading in a black and grey traditional ink style.  


While Nick is continuing to log his apprenticeship hours, he will be available for tattoos at a reduced apprentice rate. 

Call today to book your appointment!  

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